Cult Killer

Channel Four

1 x 60 mins

On January 7th 2005 Rick Rodriguez slit the throat of his former nanny and then blew his brains out on a lonely desert highway.  Hours earlier he videoed his suicide note.  This powerful film tells his story and lifts the lid on one of the most notorious religious cults to emerge out of the 1960s counter culture - The Children of God.

Cult Killer is a shocking and dramatic film which goes to the heart of one of world's most disturbing sects. For the first time on television, using Rick's suicide video and highly incriminating cult tapes and publications, we tell the tale of the cult’s home-grown avenging angel.

'A shocking and deeply disturbing film.' - Financial Times

'A first-rate documentary.' - The Daily Mail

'A chilling tale, well-made and sensitive.' - The Daily Telegraph

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